His short stories have been published in a number of literary magazines including Italian Americana, Bayou Magazine, Beloit Fiction Journal, The Carolina Quarterly, The Los Angeles Review, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Mystery Tribune, The Writing Disorder, Five2One Magazine, Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Turnrow and Carve. His first fiction publication, "Angus in Extremis", appeared in San Francisco's Oyster Boy Review and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and his most recent, "The Thief of Oakland Hills", which appeared in Bayou Magazine, Fall 2022, was nominated for The Best American Short Stories, 2023. He has an MFA in Fiction from Bennington College.



     Westlake's Collected Interruptions: Influenced by the fiction of Kafka, Barthelme, Calvino, and Borges, these linked stories follow Westlake, a young office clerk living on Mott Street in Manhattan with his wife in the early years of the 21st century, as he encounters a series of otherworldly events that go toward shaping his view of a fast changing society. Rooted in a realistic American landscape and the environs of New York City, each story incorporates political, historical, and natural events steeped in the magical.

     The Beginning of Movies: Cronkite Spinoza, an existentially troubled man, abruptly leaves Massachusetts for California by car and along the way encounters a woman who has a profound impact on his world view, an American West family's catastrophic guilt over their unwitting involvement in the early financial planning of one of the most tragic events of the 21st century, and sibling loyalty, all of which lead him to begin to see the importance and value in life.

     You Have To Die A Little To Make It That Fast: When Wallace Wallace, thirty-eight, begins to confront past financial irresponsibility, his desperate quest for redemption takes him on a journey through the seven deadly sins.

     Protto II: The gifts a father and a son, despite being at great odds within a female dominated family, can end up leaving one another.